2nd Amendment Triumphs-As Always

Once again a sick and frightened American was allowed to purchase high caliber weapons since our Founding Fathers definitely believed each and every colonist should possess weapons of war. Actually, the vast majority of Americans in the 1780s did not have any other weapon but a one shot rifle–and which took time to reload. Elliot Rodger is dead. Santa Barbara’s country sheriff, Bill Brown, is furious at lack of resources for the police to work with those who are mentally ill. Friends and family of Elliot had warned the police about the strange behavior of this boy, but Brown noted “a general lack of resources in mental health.” After all, we cannot tax the wealthy because to do so would destroy jobs in America. Of course, we need money to pay for jobs in mental health. This was a disturbed young boy, but he was allowed to proceed in life so that he could end the lives of others.

The father of a dead young woman wants to know how a mentally disturbed person in the United States of America can legally purchase 2 Sig Sauer P226 guns and a Glock 34 Long Slide with gobs of ammo in order to blast away? I forgot, it is his 2nd Amendment right to kill and kill and kill. Due to the National Rifle Association we have become a nation which has gone crazy and thus our crazy folk now possess the weapons of craziness.