2nd Egyptian Revolution?

Egypt is fast approaching the first anniversary of Mohamed Morsi’s election to the presidency. Of course, this “election” was not based on the entire population but resulted from low turnouts and dubious counting of votes. He has become a national disaster of incompetence and a  lightening rod of anger and hate. About 15 million people have signed a petition asking him to depart and in the coming weeks there will be hundreds of thousands demanding his ouster and hundreds of thousands from the Muslim Brotherhood insisting that he must remain as their leader. The key word is that he is the “leader” of a minority of Egyptians.

Army tanks are in the streets of Cairo and in other cities. Everyone is prepared for demonstrations, angry crowds and violence. Opponents argue “it’s a second revolution,”certainly the view of the National Salvation Front which wants Morsi to depart. Morsi gave a rambling speech in which he claims “enemies of Egypt” are behind these protests. I shortly expect him to blame protests on Mossad and Israel.

There is a strong likelihood that Army may have to intervene. In other words, a revolution to oust the Army from power will shortly ask the Army to return in order to avoid death and destruction. Mohamed Morsi-ye have tarried too  long, DEPART if you love Egypt!!