300 Lashes For No Male Escort!

The world of Saudi Arabia often appears to come across as an unused set from a Hollywood film about the Middle Ages that has been let out in the weather to wither and corrode. However, reality is Saudi Arabia is all too real in the modern world even though its religious leaders could win Academy Awards in any film about the ancient world. A Saudi woman, Sawsan Salim, has been sentenced to 300 lashes and 18 months in jail for complaining about the behavior of judges and appearing before them without a male escort from her family! She is charged with filing 118 “spurious complaints”against Saudi officials, including the judges who rendered the decision!

Her crime must rank among the most heinous of the year, she went to see the judges in their offices and was not accompanied by a male escort. Of course, if we interpret this correctly, no Saudi woman should be trusted to appear in a judge’s office because you know what will happen.

Ms. Salim iS an unusual woman because she owns her own business and wants to protect it against corrupt government officials. The real question is: who deserves the 300 lashes?