President George Bush and the Republican Party have spent the past seven years insisting they are tough and will never deal with terrorists until every single last one is dead. Of course, this approach has created the horror of 4,200 American deaths in Iraq and the current chaos which reigns in Afghanistan. The Bush administration now finds itself in the awkward position of watching its protege, President Karzai of Afghanistan, offer to hold peace talks with Taliban leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar. What does George Bush now do? Does he forbid the government of an independent nation to engage in peace talks? All his spokesperson could say is, “what we have seen from the Taleban, however, and from Mullah Omar–who we haven’t heard from n some time–is an unwillingness to renounced violence.” Of course, since no one has talked to him in seven years, it is difficult ascertaining his current views.

President Karzai said he would “go to any length” to protect the safety of Mullah Omar if he agreed to peace talks. Regardless of what the US desires, said Karzai, “I, as president of Afghanistan, will go to any length to provide protection.”

There is scant likelihood Mullah Omar is coming to any peace discussion. His forces continually are gaining in strength so why should he abandon what he believes is a strategy of peace knowing full well, Bush would never allow him to gain power?