6:37 a.m. Bus To Female Inequity!

During the past few weeks, Eric Sundstrom of the Swedish newspaper, The Local, spebt a week with his mother in the suburbs of Stokholm and was forced to ride a bus to work. “Every mroning we rode the 6:37 a.m. bus to the commuter rail system to get into the city. Every morning the same faces kept showing up on the bus: nine women, a younger guy, my mother and I.” Public transportation awakens “questions about gender equity. Men earn more, have a stronger position in their marriage, and take the car to work.”

Sundstrom raises a question whose answer is apparent to anyone riding buses in large cities like New York or in suburban communities. Ride an early morning bus and the vast majority of people on it are women headed out for domestic jobs in suburban homes. Despite great strides in nations like Sweden, the reality still remains half of women work part time and three out of four part time workers are women.

The day gender equity arrives, the 6:37 a.m. bus will be filled with both men and women.