666-The Devil Himself

Turkey over the past century has evolved into a modern society in which basic rights for people are guaranteed. But, along with the movement toward modernism, there remains a large segment of society in which males long for the good old days when women obeyed their commands. Next to bikini clad  gorgeous
Turkish women who display their bodies with pride, there exists as many women who fear to be who they wish to be due to husbands demanding obedience. The Turkish Family and Social Affairs Minister, Fatima Sahin, reported that between the years of 2009-2012, at least 666 women were murdered due to family violence. Husbands played a key role in these murders but also did other male relatives.

The bad news is that few experts agree the real number is 666. Most probably, there were hundreds of other killings that were never reported. Nor do these figures   deal with  women who were beaten or verbally abused and had to endure such treatment. We do know that in the third quarter of 2012, some 4489 women sought shelter in state institutions because of domestic violence.