75,000 March In Israel For End To Tycoons!

The Arab spring has become the Israeli  summer of discontent as thousands of people are marching in cities across the land demanding an end to rule by the wealthy and creation of a society based on equity for all. Finally, the historic concept of socialism in Israel has been reborn. Yossi Baruch, who works with a ten city in Haifa, expressed the new desire of people in clear terms. “We want a welfare state. Free education for every girl and boy from the moment maternity leave ends and until the child finishes a doctorate.” Even as he spoke, shouts were heard in Hebrew and Arabic  saying: “The people want the fall of tycoons.”

Hopefully, this spirit of solidarity between Arab and Jews in Israel can be translated into a new coalition based on hope, equity and justice for all citizens of the nation. There can not be a welfare state as long as the Israel government pours untold millions into West Bank settlements and currying favor from settlers and the tycoons who run the economic system. It is time for Jews in Israel to act like Jews who are committed to equity and justice.