9/11 And What It Means

Ten years ago several people committed an act of violence on American soil which resulted in the death of about  3,000 people–initially, that is. Of course in the last talk outgoing President Bill Clinton had with incoming President George Bush the issue of Osama bin Laden was discussed, but the new guy in the Oval Office would never listen to anything said by the old guy in that office. Of course, Richard Clarke repeatedly warned Condi Rice about an oncoming act of terrorism, but Republicans under no condition will listen to anything said by someone who worked for Democrats.

The “lesson”of 9/11 is that Republicans refuse to adopt an historical mind set when confronting foreign policy, let alone domestic policy issues. The ‘lesson” of 9/11 is that society focuses on the wrong people at the right time. “Muslims” were never the issue, fighting”terrorism” was never the issue, invading Iraq in search of non-existent WMD was never the issue. The central issues of the Middle East and all too many societies in which most people adhere to the Muslim faith is poverty, lack of modern educational systems, and corruption in government. An important issue was forging peace in the Middle East between Israel and Palestinians. None of these “issues” was addressed by any American president in the 21st century.

Ten years later we still refuse to address issues of concern. So, everyone get on the latest “terrorist alert.” I promise there will  not be any “alert” to compel Israel to work for peace in the Middle East.