9/11 –What Did It Mean?

Nine years have passed since some men crashed planes into the World Trade Center and initiated a decade of conflict, anger and hate. Did anyone learn anything from this tragedy? During the ensuing years we have witnessed an American president who lied to the nation, who failed to initiate a logical plan in Afghanistan to rebuild the nation or to work with Afghan leaders in order to establish an efficient, honest government. The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Tony Blair, not only deliberately lied to his nation about WMD he knew never existed, he became a lap dog to the ignorant cowboy from Texas. From this tragic event emerged a decade of incompetence on the part of the American government, a decade of violations of every value embedded in the United States Constitution, a decade of hate uttered nightly on Fox News and across the nation by one nut case after another. Has this nation every offered a vice presidential candidate such as Sarah Palin whose knowledge of foreign policy extends to expertise on the nature of Elk society.

The major question is whether or not America emerged from tragedy stronger and committed to foster values of peace and justice? The answer is a loud, NO!. After Pearl Harbor, Americans came together and worked to create a United Nations while President Franklin Roosevelt made the Four Freedoms his goal– and those freedoms extended to ending poverty and dealing with health and human rights. America, circa, 2010, spouts hatred of poor people, demands revision of the Constitution, and becomes furious because Muslims wish to build a mosque. We have become a lesser people, we have not risen to the challenge but prefer listening to voices of hate, suspicion and dislike toward the stranger.

Unfortunately, the world outside our doors is no better. Ahmadinejad governs over Medieval minded clerics and in Israel its Foreign Minister openly spouts hatred toward Muslims, even though at least ten percent of his nation is Muslim. By any definition, the world is worse off since 9/11.