I was in a barber shop in Ballwin, Missouri which is a suburb outside of the city of St. Louis. The people of this congressional district ordinarily vote for the Republican party and “liberals” are few and far between. Some how the conversation in the shop got on the topic of health care in America. My barber was explaining how he now paid $1,450 per month for health care insurance and we all gasped. He said: “thank God next year I’ll be 65 and able to get into Medicare and away from these insurance people who rob you blind.” Another man added to his comment by noting his daughter-in-law had a pr-existing condition that prevented health insurance, but with the new health care plan she will finally receive health insurance. Just about every man in the shop spoke about the need to fix our health insurance, and none uttered Fox News type remarks that America has the best health system in the world.

I mentioned the idea that Obama should have appointed a panel of experts in this field of health insurance, and had them check out every health insurance program in the world, and then report back a plan. EVERY MAN IN THE SHOP SAID THAT WAS A GREAT IDEA! As I listened to these men discuss health insurance it once again demonstrated the lack of communication skills on the part of Barack Obama. They all wanted government health insurance and he never clearly explained his ideas. THAT IS THE TRAGEDY OF 2010!