A Billionaire Commits Suicide

It was a simple story reported in the China Daily about a billionaire who went home after a hectic meeting at the board room, went to his study, took out some pesticide and drank it. The police believe he was under extensive pressure and decided to kill himself. Hou Yefu was chairman of the Hefel Senmiao company and things were not going as well as they should so, for whatever reason, the man made the decision that death was his best solution. We inhabit a world in which millionaires and billionaires make us commit emotional suicide because in their mad quest for more and more money, they will employ any means regardless of the consequence to their societies.

The modern tragedy is that when billionaires kill themselves, most have pangs of sorrow because those with wealth and power could not handle the pressure. Unfortunately, these men have exerted enormous pressure on the lives of average people and we simply do not have the luxury to end it all and leave our loved ones behind and deep in debt. Sorry, I cannot arouse any sympathy for these people anymore.