A Bit Of Sanity??

The so called “war on crime” in America has mainly been focused on those who have been caught with drugs on their possession. There currently are 750,000 men and women in jail–cost is $40,000 per year–and the vast majority are Blacks or Hispanics. It is well known that white skilled people of European background do not use drugs or have anything to do with drugs. Why else are they not in jail? Attorney General Eric Holder-FINALLY– has come out with a plan to deal with drug offenders. He will shortly issue guidelines for district attorneys and judges on the topic of minimum jail sentences for those arrested for a non-violent drug offense. In the future judges will NOT be required to send someone to jail based on a minimum length of years and will have the right to reduce or ignore a minimum sentence. As Holder noted; “we need to ensure that incarceraton is used to punish, deter, and rehabiliate-not merely to convict, warehouse and forget.”

The US has 5% of the world’s population and also has 25% of those in jail. Is there something wrong with these two figures??