A Bombs And Iran

The Israel government believes Iran is moving quickly to develop an atomic bomb and may possess one as early as the end of the year. Amos Yadlin, former head of Israel intelligence warned the famous “red line” will be crossed within a few months and Iran will pose a new threat to the nation of Israel. In his words, “we are heading toward a collison course by the end of the year.” Yadlin believes the time has come to end jaw, jaw and prepare for war, war. He spoke just as the US promised Israel new planes and military equipment.

Perhaps, it is time for innovative thinking. How about the US and Israel offering the following to Iran:

1. Israel will allow UN inspectors to check out its nuclear facility.

2. Israel will destroy fifty percent of its nuclear weapons.

3. Israel will freeze all new settlements on the West Bank.

4. Israel will proceed to work for a compromise agreement with President Abbas.

In exchange:

Iran will allow UN inspectors into all nuclear facilities.

Iran will proceed with non-military nuclear development.