A Bridge Too Far

Members of the Republican Party believe that it is their Christian duty to oppose “the government” spending money on confronting an infrastructure which has thousands of weak  bridge, roads in need of repair, faster broadband and a host  of economic expenditures which-eventually will boost the American economy. There is a bridge in the state of Washington which received  rating of 57.4 out of a 100 in terms of being safe for people to drive over. Yesterday the four lane Interstate 5 bridge which is halfway between Seattle and Vancouver suddenly decided to go for a fiesta and collapse. As cars drove over it, drivers could gaze out of their rear window to see the bridge slowly descend into the water.

OK, so only a few lives were lost and some cars. The important event was that no taxes were raised on our oppressed wealthy which means they will be starting new business enterprises, and getting more money. Save the Wealthy and the hell with our bridges!!