A Budget Too Far

Finally, there is a budget that has been passed in Congress. Actually, there are two budgets that have been passed in Congress. A Paul Ryan budget would result in lowering the national debt by about four trillion dollars and it even ensures that those with wealth will not see one additional penny taken from them. In fact, they will be rewarded for being wealthy by having their taxes reduced. Ryan believes that if wealthy people become wealthier this results in poorer people becoming poorer. This is an interesting equation-more money for the wealthy and less money  available for those who are poor. We term this the “Christian Budget”since it is well known that Jesus Christ argued the most important goal in life was to provide more for those with and less for those without. If you doubt this, just read the Sermon on the Mount.

The US Senate also passed a budget which we term the “Anti-Christ Law” since it raises taxes on those who are close to Jesus. As any economist argues, every dollar taken from those with leads to one less job for those seeking work. The
Devil himself haunts the Senate.