A Canadian Xmas Love Story-Sort Of!

It began as a friendship between a 59 year old woman and the nineteen year old son of a friend, but the power of love does not know time or space or age considerations. Iris Robinson, the wife of Northern Ireland’s leading politician now stands accused of robbing the cradle to enjoy love in the autumn of her life. Mrs.Robinson is a born again Christian, one of those Bible thumping individuals who are quick to denounce sin, but for some reason never view love as good regardless of when it hits the heart. She apparently set the then 19 year old young man up in business to run a pub.

The dogs of war in Northern Ireland are up in arms over the love affair between a woman who is in the autumn of her life and a young man. We believe love is wonderful. How can loving someone be an example of evil. God bless Mrs. Robinson, and, as the song notes, “where have you gone Mrs. Robinson?” The answer is into the arms of a vibrant young man who gave her love.