A Car Crash In Kabul, Another Riot

Two cars crashed into one another, people were injured, and four died. It was an accident that could have occurred in Paris or London or New York or Istanbul, but it happened in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan. Within moments of the two cars piling into one another, a crowd gathered and soon it expanded in size and anger. Hundreds of people surged through the streets shouting curses at the United States and at their own president Karzai. One of the cars carried four American contractors while the other had six Afghan civilians. Police arrived at the scene to find four Afghans dead and the other two injured, but no American was dead. Police attempted to protect the Americans from the furious mob, and in the melee several Afghan security members were wounded.

A car crash initiated the violence. Ordinarily in a crowded city street a car crash might result in injuries and it is rare for several passengers to be killed–unless the other vehicle was traveling at an excessive speed. We can assume the private contractors feared being in public and drove fast. The result was death and violence. Once again, allowing private companies to perform military functions has resulted in losing confidence of the population.