A Christian Story About Love-Hate?

I sometimes feel as though I am a visitor from the planet of Xul who has found himself wandering around this bizarre planet with head shaking (of course, we Xulians have two heads, but that is not part of this tory). On another blog entry I noted the headscarf war raging in Turkey where secular fanatics are demanding that no woman be allowed to wear a headscarf if in a university class. In the city of Baltimore, a boy and his father went off to church, I assume they were engaged in some form of Christian prayer. For some reason, dad and the boy got into an argument because the boy would not take off his hat and this sent dad into a fury. He rushed to his car, got a knife, returned and stabbed his son in the buttock, realized what he had done and ran away.

In the Jewish and Muslim religions men wear hats but in this Christian church men don’t wear hats. My question is whether God wants a hat on or bare head? Has anyone taken a trip to the big church in the sky and checked out what exactly the old Man up there wants in terms of heads covered or left uncovered? I always thought Jesus Christ preached peace and love and it is difficult for me to believe Jesus would get upset if you wore or did not wear a hat in his presence.

Could someone please inform this Xulian where did you crazy Earth people begin the battle over covering or not covering your heads?