A Christmas Story

Among the most heretical comments anyone engaged in American politics could utter is raising questions about the easy with which people in this country can secure guns. I realize that guns do not kill people, but people  kill people. Of course, if it was difficult to secure a weapon,  fewer might be killed. What a shocking comment to make on the day after Christmas. A group of people were celebrating Xmas morning in Grapevine, Texas, you know the state that believes students should be able to take guns to school in order to defend themselves against oppressive teachers. Well, this is a modern Xmas story, so read on.

The group of four women and three men were gathered around the Christmas tree, they had just opened their presents when one of them opened fire on the others. Within moments all were lying dead on Christmas morning as light bulbs on the tree glittered. No one heard the shots since neighboring apartments were vacant. Bodies lay quiet on this silent morning of Christmas. It is believed the shooter wore a Santa Claus suit.

All through the house not a sound was heard not even from a  mouse.