A Conference On Racism By Racists

A United Nation conference dealing with how to combat racism opens on Monday in South Africa. The learned minds of the world have gotten together to identify causes of racism, and after considerable length of reflection, they have identified THE source of racism on this planet? Is it the Sudan which has killed 200,000 people in Darfur? Is it in the Congo which has witnessed the death of 5,000,000? Is it in Iran which persecutes Bahai and other minorities? Is it in Pakistan or Afghanistan where women are losing their rights? Is it in Cuba which imprisons thousands who disagree with the government? Is it in China which persecutes Tibetan and Muslim minorities? Is it in Russia where people with darker skins face discrimination? Is it in Saudi Arabia which discriminates against non-Muslims and restricts women rights? OF COURSE NOT!!

We all know there is only ONE nation on this planet which is guilty of racism! And, what is the name of the culprit? None other than ISRAEL!!

There will be no conference on racism this Monday. There will be a love fest by racists who hate Israel.