A Cut Too Far For Jews And Muslims

If only I lived in Germany, circa 2012, there is a part of me that would still be a  part of me and I would be much healthier. Oh, I am 81, walk four miles a day and engage in hard physical work, but according to a  court in Germany, my physical life would have been much better if only they had not snipped off part of my body. In fact, they did not even consult me when they engaged in the act of circumcision. A German  court in Cologne ruled that such barbarian actions violate the rights of children.

The court claims that circumcision causes permanent harm to the   physical integrity of boys,and there is a “fundamental right of a boy to bodily integrity  that outweighs fundamental rights of parents.” OK so we Jews have been snipping of body parts for a few thousand years, and look at the result. My little wee wee just hangs around feeling sorry for being a little wee wee.

There are times when I wonder what next will be proposed in the name of democracy. I guess parents should hold a meeting with the little baby and discuss snipping. Who the hell are these nut cases in Germany??