A Danish Story About The Meaning Of Christ

It was just another March morning in Copenhagen, people on their way to work, mothers hurrying to get children to school, and in business offices, stock brokers and hedge fund managers were devising ways to screw people out of their money in their quest for making a fortune. Not many people noticed the 53 year old woman with worn clothes who held aloft a simple sign: “Have Mercy, You are blessed in Jesus’ name for 2 Kroner.” No one noticed her except the police who promptly grabbed the woman and took her to the police station on charges she was begging. Just another homeless person trapped in a world gone mad due to stock market collapses and the end of housing booms.

Of course, in many Asian societies it is normal for religious people to beg for food which is readily given in the name of God. The real issue is why are police worried about a woman who is begging for a few cents while businessmen steal with impunity and there is scant likelihood they will ever see the inside of a jail.