A Deployment Too Far

Ashley Joppa Hageman is the widow of a sergeant who committed suicide on June 28 of this year. Sergeant jared Hageman had been to Afghanistan eight times and was ordered to return for a 9th visit to that far off land. He told  superior orders that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was wracking his mind and body, but an order is an order. At least in the modern armed forces.

His wife believes the suicide was the direct result of being deployed one more time. The Army will argue Sergeant Hageman  refused to carry out his orders. There is something wrong with a society that orders men and women to go into battle nine times.

Barack Obama  loves playing the role of  a cool level headed leader who is not impacted by emotional events. Perhaps, he should see the film, “Saving Private Ryan”which is based on the true story of the Sullivan boys. Four died when their ship sunk. General George Marshall ordered the retun home of the last Sullivan boy. I guess Barack would never give in to emotion. Let them all die!