A Dictator’s Lament

I have never enjoyed the pleasure of being dictator of any nation, but I can assume it must be pleasant watching people you intensely dislike suffering under some form of torture. Hosni Mubarak has been heading the nation of Egypt for over two decades during which time hundreds, if not thousands, of people who expressed displeasure about his rule found the inside of a prison. Alas, poor Hosni has now been convicted by a court and sent to jail.

During the trip to prison, Hosni fainted at least three times. As he entered Tora prison–where those he disliked spent some time, the former ruler muttered, “I am oppressed.” But, the worse was yet to come. Guards insisted he wear prison garb and he refused, insisting he had a right to wear blue pajamas.

There is no question fighting about the color of your prison outfit is a human right. We have yet to learn which color pajamas he will  be wearing. As an Egyptian newspaper noted: “Mubarak: President of Republic of Tora.”