A Dozen Years Of Death

We are fast approaching the twelfth year of the war in Afghanistan. A dozen years have passed, a dozen years during which “bad guys” were killed and an awful lot of “good guys” also died. In theory, the US and its allies in the Afghanistan government should now be discussing the certain end to this adventure in failure. Past history in China and Vietnam should have made any American leader aware that unless land reform and attention was paid to establishment of an honest government the end result would be triumph of the “bad guys.” Instead, the CIA handed over bags of money to President Karzai and his merry band of crooks and incompetents. So, what is the end result after 12 years?

Death of civilians is rising again. Nearly 1,500 have died so far this year.

Over 2,500 have been wounded.

Children continue to die.

There is no end to the war.

We have simply replicated Vietnam on a smaller scale.