A Drone Tragedy Story

President Barack Obama and his lovely family will sit down tonight and enjoy a lovely meal without any fear of harm coming to them. Nabila Rehman, age 9, appeared in the United States Congress and showed its members a picture she drew which depicted a drone missile that murdered her grandmother. This is the first time members of Congress actually heard the words of a person whose family members died at the hands of a drone missile. I am certain our president will explain to the child that her grandmother had to die in order to save Americans from the brutality of terrorists. Listen to the words of this girl:

“Nobody has ever told me why my grandmother was targeted that day…the missiles hit a nearby field, not a house.” She went on to refer to her mother as “the string that held our family together. President Obama insists we have to kill in the name of bringing peace to these people. His children attend a nice, expensive school with children whose mother will not die at the hand of a drone missile.