A Few Fewer Babies, Please!

President Benigno Acquino of the Philipppine Islands wants to take a tiny, tiny step forward and offer women in his nation the opportunity to receive solid medical knowledge regarding family planning. The birth rate in his nation leads to a growth in population of 1.9% compared to  Indonesia’s  1.2 and other lower figures in most Asian societies. But, the Philippines is a Catholic society led by Catholic bishops who lack any contact with raising large families. A new bill which provides access to family planning, contraceptives and assistance in reducing family size is bitterly opposed by the bishops.

This is simply another example of how Catholic religious leaders refuse to adapt to modern civilization. More and more Catholics are ceasing to attend Sunday services, and most American Catholics accept the concept of contraceptives. As one who seeks a healthy Catholic  Church, living in the past will result in not living in the future. It is FAMILY PLANNING, not abortion!