A Few Pounds Too Late?

Chris Christie is a man whose body reveals a tendency to chomp down french fries and milk shakes. He is what we term, a man who has a few pounds on the body. OK, so some might even say that Chris is somewhat, “fat.” Barbara Walters asked the chubby governor of New Jersey , “there are people whom say you couldn’t be president because you’re so heavy(fat).” Chris was upset at the remark because defining someone as “fat” is a semantic issue. He responded, “that’s ridiculous. It’s just one of those remaining prejudices in our society.”

I agree. How else can Chris portray his bullying and insulting manner unless somewhat heavy? It simply would not come off as the bully  of the hour if he was thin. A large man is more intimidating than a thin one. Of course, a few years ago Chris responded to a similar question from Diane Sawyer with, “OK, I’ve got to get healthier.”

My question is: why do only women ask Chris about being fat? Does that suggest women are more concerned about fat than men?

The good news is if Chris became  president obese Americans would finally have a figure in the White House who matches their figures.