A Flu By Any Name Is Still A Flu

America and the world have been living from one hysteria to another since George Bush created modern hysteria by his insane war in Iraq about WMD that never existed. Pardon me for not getting frightened but this pandemic will be handled quite well by existing health resources. According to the World Health Organization, figures of 154 deaths in Mexico are incorrect and only seven people actually died.
Here are some examples of how to name the current flu:

Israel — Non-Kosher flu

USA — Bush/Cheney flu

Iran — Swionist Flu

Netherlands– swindmill flu

Canada — swiniuit flu

Hawaii — swinaloha flu

Germany — swinegassenschidt flu

France — swineamour flu

Ireland — sweeney flu

Pakistan — swinabalin flu

Alaska — swinpalin flu

There are millions of children at this very moment who are in the process of trying to survive in the face of hunger and poverty but this does not elicit any pandemic. In America, over 40 million lack medical or dental insurance but there are no cries of pandemic. It is only when people fear that disease might impact them do we hear cries of pandemic. Yes, some people will die due to the current flu, but for every death there will be a thousand who die due to hunger.

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