A Foreign Policy For Syria!

WOW! Someone in the Obama administration has come up with a startling new idea–how about actually having a sensible foreign policy toward the situation in Syria. When the civil war initially broke out in Syria, most of its leaders were moderates seeking to establish a democratic society in that land. The ever cautious, confused and bewildered President Obama feared that aiding these rebels was the first step in sending thousands of American troops into Syria. Sorry, there is a big difference between aiding moderate rebel forces and sending in US troops. Believe it or not, aiding moderate rebels AVOIDS sending in American forces. So, while radical insurgents in Syria were given the enormous amounts of weapons by radical extremist supporters, the moderates slowly and gradually lost their power to control events. The end result was emergence of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria(ISIS) which currently is sweeping through Iraq.

After dawdling and doing nothing for years, the Obama administration has finally come up with this startling new concept-furnishing military support for moderates in Syria! We fear this will be too little and it will come too late to alter events in Iraq. Sorry, this is simply another example of inept leadership by the man who never talks with Americans. Barack Obama gets an “A” grade for leaving Iraq, but his policies in Afghanistan and Syria win the “F” grade!