A Genocide By Any Other Name Is Still A Genocide

It is always amusing when Muslim nations become infuriated at the use of words by Western countries on matters of concern to them. Pick up newspapers at newstands in any Muslim nation and there are bound to be several publications which refer to Israel’s actions in Gaza as “genocide” or words to that effect. The United States Congress is considering a resolution which calls on President Obama to ensure US policy makers refer to the murder of Armenians during the World War I era as an example of genocide. It calls upon him using the expression in speeches, something he has not done in the past.

The Turkish government has made clear to the Obama administration that any such resolution would cause a major and lasting deterioration of relations between the countries. Obama has been careful on his use of words in order to avoid damaging Turkish — Armenian efforts at reconciliation.

OK, Turkey, what would be your reaction if the US Congress insisted from now on Turkey could not make insulting remarks about Israel? Tit for tat?