A German Town Fights Back Against Nazism

The small town of Grafenberg which is located 20 miles north of Nuremberg has refused to allow Neo-Nazis groups like followers of the National Democratic Party (NPD) to take over their town and transform it into a center of hate and violence. For several years, neo-Nazis have staged several rallies in Granfenberg which is the site of a memorial to WWI and WWII men who died in battle. A Citizens’ Forum was established to organize discussions and have anti-demonstrations when NPD bullies show up spouting racism, anti-semitism and revisionist ideas which claim there was no Holocaust. On many occasions at least 2,000 local people together with hundreds of police are present to challenge the neo-Nazis. The town has also put on a “Woodcutting Day” on which men use buzz saws to drown out Nazi talk. They have had ‘Sweep day” when they take out brooms to sweep out the dirt coming from the mouths of the Nazis.

In the aftermath of the Holocaust, Germans have done a remarkable job of confronting their past and trying to create a new one in which racism has no place. Last year, NPD followers beat up eight Indians shouting “Foreigners Out.” Granfenberg intends to use the slogan, “Nazis Out.”