A Good Citizen Is…….

France is embarked on a war against those who do not fit into the proper definition of being “French.” Muslim females have been told what they can or cannot wear in public and if they fail to adhere to government standards as to proper dress they will be fined. Of course, on some beaches in France men and women wander around naked. Are we to assume that is the “standard” desired of attire?

The latest version of being “French” is appearance of new rules that specify wht one must demonstrate in order to prove he/she is a true “French person.” Those seeking citizenship must “prove knowledge of the French language consistent with understanding the essential points needed to manage daily life.” They must also have “a diploma or certifcate delivered by a state recognized organism.”

My folks were immigrants from east Europe.  They struggled to learn English and it took a few years. But, they read newspapers in Yiddish every day along with American newspapers. They knew more about politics in America than “X” number of Americans.