A Good Neighbor Does What I Say!

Marie Kraup heads the Dansk Folkeparti in Denmark which is very upset at people who come to their country and don’t even speak Danish, let alone knowing anything about the history and customs of their society. As far as Marie is concerned, Denmark for Danes and all others can leave her land. For some strange reason, Marie decided to go visiting in the world. She arrived in New Zealand where she visited a naval base, and was shocked to learn these people don’t even speak Danish!! Even worse, instead of  being “met with handshakes or salutes by uniformed men” the Danes were “greeted by a Maroi dance ritual with a half-naked man in a grass skirt that yelled and screamed in Maroi.”

Horror of horror, Marie was forced to give the Maroi greeting of rubbing noses together! Perhaps the most horrible sight was that of a penis in a Maroi temple. What can one expect from people who don’t even  speak Danish??