A Great Leader Who Is Not Great

Hugo Chavez assumed presidency of Venezuela with a mission to break power of the social oligarchy and push for some form of redistribution of wealth. Noble aims. But, somewhere along the line of seeking social justice he became a petty little tyrant more concerned with power than creating a society that was economically strong and on the road to working to end poverty. Hugo’s way is to take money from the rich and distribute it in the form of low cost foods — or, his latest example of offering a fridge to the poor for hot nights–rather than creating a strong economic system which produces wealth that is equitably distributed. In the latest legislative elections, he lost enough seats to enable opposition leaders to block his two-thirds majority which aims to change the Constitution. There are unconfirmed reports opposition candidates accumulated over 50% of the vote, but were blocked of further gains due to the manner in which seats are allocated.

Chavez insists, “it has been a great election day and we have obtained a solid victory.” If the 52% opposition figure holds up, it can not be construed as a great victory for anyone other than his opponents.