A Human Tragedy-War And Iraqi Women!

Senator John McCain insists the Bush initiated war in Iraq has been a splended success in fostering principles of democracy. Asma Kadhim, an Iraqi woman, might beg to differ with the Arizona senator. She had a prosperous beauty parlor that enabled her during the Saddam Hussein era to have a car and money. But, within months after America overthrew Saddam, there came a knock on her door and a man delivered an envelope containing two bullets and a note which read: “If you do not close your beauty parlor, we will kill you.” She had no choice but to close it and now she remains at home, as do many other women who were actively engaged in business operations. She notes before America initiated the war, she “used to work in complete freedom.” Now, like so many educated Iraqi women, she is restricted to the home.

Women For Women International recently issued a report which said: “Present day Iraq is plagued by insecurity, a lack of infrastructure and controversial leadership, transforming the situation for women from one of relative autonomy and security before the war into a national crisis.” The crisis for women is not merely confined to Iraq, because even in stable and relatively free of violence Kurdistan, women do not have rights. During the past four months about 100 women committed suicide by burning themselves.

Senator McCain is so caught up in military solutions and defeating terrorists that he has lost sight of the human tragedy created by Bush and his supporters. They were so caught up in their own self-delusion as to completely ignore the rights of women or the impact of defeating secular forces.