A Joint In Time Saves Lives

The good people of California in the past election decided to tell the world they spend their waking hours of the day worried about those who take a drag of a marijuana cigarette. I have never smoked any drug, I do not drink alcohol, but at least I know smoking marijuana is less deadly than consuming alcohol. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Jay Leno show put it clearly; “no one cares if you smoke a joint.” Right on, Terminator man, no one gives a damn what you smoke anymore than they care what the heck you drink or eat. Over 30% of the American people are obese which means shorter lives, poor health, and all too often unhappy lives. But no one makes it a crime to over eat.

Enough of the hypocrisy of America. Smoke a marijuana cig, smoke a regular cig, do the hell whatever you desire, it is your life. If we made it a crime to behave in stupid ways, we would have to lock up the entire population. How about beginning the lockup with the idiots who voted Republican last week?