A Killing Video?

A recently released video by WikiLeaks has aroused controversy because it is claimed American military personnel deliberately killed a Turkish photojournalist in July, 2007 while he was walking in Baghdad. The video shows a helicopter firing at people, some of whom are carrying AK-47 weapons and there is evidence a van was hit that contained two children. The question is whether Nour Eideen was specifically targeted for death or was he in the wrong place at the wrong time? The US Army insists it was the latter and charges the video that was released did not include all footage. However, the Army has been unable to find the original video which might clear up confusion.

Reality is that hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent people were killed in the Iraq war. Does the released video depict reality or a fragment of reality is the question? In any respect, it is clear that Mr. Eideen was killed along with his driver. Even if the original video was uncovered would we actually have the entire story or is this a case of Rashomon?