A Kim Is Gone, A Kim Remains

I realize most people on this planet have never heard of Kim Jong-il nor his son, another Kim, but to the people of North Korea, life without a Kim is a life unlived. For some strange reason, God or whoever is in charge of the universe, decided to have Kim Jong-il take a trip on high in order to teach inhabitants of this universe how to achieve ever lasting hunger and disease. He died. Or, at least that is what official sources in North Korea claimed occurred several days ago.

But, we can all remain in peace and tranquility because Kim Jong-un, number one son of Kim Jong il, is still alive and wearing a uniform with lots and lots of medals and awards for his bravery. He was able to endure remaining alive and not getting dad angry at him which certainly entitled the pudgy little boy with a medal of honor. Tens of thousands of soldiers lined up, wept, some shouting to  the heaven above, “how can the sky not cry?”

I checked with God. Frankly, he never heard of any Kim. I guess a Kim is not a Kim unless he is related to the head Kim.