A Kim Too Far

For the past half century or so, someone named Kim has been running the country of North Korea. It all began after World War II when Kim IL Sung took over the country as Japanese soldiers departed. He hung around for a few dozen years until God, who he regarded as an assistant, called Kim up there. Once Kim was gone, another Kim took over. Fortunately, his name was not Kim Il Sung, but Kim Jong Il who liked US movies and lots of alcohol and good food. For him, that is, not for the people of North Korea.

OK, so the second Kim died, at least I think he died. That means his son, Kim Jong Un was now the big man in North Korea. Of course to prove that he is worthy of being the new big man, we can expect some sort of crisis or some sort of firing at a  boat or something like that. Anyway, we know for certain a Kim is holding down the fort. At least I think he is.