A Kiss Too Far In Dubai

There are moments in the lives of those living in certain Muslim nations in which one wonders as to whether the world of 2010 is functioning or is once trapped in a time that has scant connection to reality. Charlotte Adams, a British female was in a restaurant in Dubai with Ayman Nayat when she reached over to touch his arm and give him a peck on the cheek. A Dubai woman in the restaurant witnessed this gross violation of Islamic law and reported it to the restaurant manager who then informed the police about the presence of terrorists in his establishment. The two were then sentenced to a a month in jail for violating Dubai law which forbids kissing, drinking or holding hands in public. As the British Embassy warns beware of those actions because if not, you may face time in jail.

No outsider has the right to tell others how to conduct themselves. But, if a nation seeks tourists from all over the world, it might help to loosen restrictions and at least enter the 18th century. After all, Muslim nations like Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia, etc.. allow a peck or so in public.