A Kiss Too Far?

The British boy and girl were having lunch in a restaurant in Dubai, laughing and having a pleasant time sharing their vacation experiences. Ayman reached over and in a moment of affection gave the girl a kiss on her mouth which immediately caused a furor in the place as mothers and fathers covered the eyes of their children lest they be exposed to the horror of two lips meeting! The two miscreants were arrested by the ever ready police who would rather capture serious offenders than those who merely rob people of their life savings. Ayman Najafi insists her only kissed her on the cheek, but in Dubai they do not wish to take chances when it comes to issues of criminal behavior and the judge sentenced the pair to a month in jail.

It would be fascinating if Dubai officials displayed the same concern for morality in dealing with businessmen who have ruined the lives of thousands. Of course, all the businessmen were doing was f—–g people. Now, if only they gave their clients a kiss on the cheek maybe Dubai would be in better financial conditions.