A Letter From Nigeria

In case you have never received a “letter from Nigeria,” in the interest of public service, this blog will provide one for you without cost. I initially became aware of the Nigerian Letter fraud about twenty years ago when a friend of my wife literally got taken to the cleaners by some guys and gals in Nigeria. This friend and her husband owned several laundry stores and sold them off one by one in order to get the ten million dollars awaiting them in Nigeria. So, here goes, my version of the Nigerian Letter.

Dear Sir or Madam;
I was given your name by the president of a bank where I work, and he assured me that your credit is outstanding and that you are human being who is concerned about truth and honesty. Under no conditions would I write this letter to just anyone, I wanted to contact an individual of high integrity.

Let me explain the situation. I work with disabled orphan children in Nigeria. Our goal is to provide these children with a decent home and opportunities for higher education. I recently came across a strange situation. A man who has an account at our bank died and there are no relatives who might benefit from his death by inheriting his wealth. He left a fortune of $20,000,000. If we could get access to the money, thousands of children would benefit.

I realize you are a hard working person who cares about children. We are willing, in exchange for your help, to allow you to receive 25% of the money as long as the children can receive the remaining 75%. We have a few minor barriers to overcome in order to secure the money. First, I need to have you designated as a distant relative of the dead man. This simply entails paying a lower level bureaucrat about $10,000 and then we can proceed to work out final details.

I enclose a copy of the man’s will which leaves the money for a good samaritan who will help the children. I enclose the name of the bureaucrat who is willing to handle the paper work in exchange for a small amount of money. I enclose a copy of my Ph.D. degree from the University of Nigeria.

If you could send a certified check for $5,000 we will begin the process. As soon as step one is completed I will notify you and once we receive the additional $5,00o the process will be completed.

Could you send me the account number of your bank to which we will send the $4,000,000?