A man in Denmark did something I have dreamed about my entire life. He is a fanatic fan of the Manchester United team and wants the world to know that he knows more about the game of football than anyone else. He took a few drinks, got soused, hopped in a cab and drove across the entire country to the home of a man who is head of the Manchester United fan club. He stood in the street outside the house and shouted to the world, “I know more abut the Manchester United than you do.” Police received a report from neighbors that a drunken man was yelling in the street about his knowledge of football and would they please restrain the poor deluded man. Of course, after telling the world what he knew about football, he then serenaded the neighborhood with songs and chants for his favorite team. Police quietly escorted the man to the nearest train station and told him he could get a cab ride home or take the next train. They left him quietly mumbling chants.

Ah, how often have I dreamed of appearing before the home of Mr. Dolan, who owns the New York Knickerbockers and shouting my knowledge of how to make this a great team. Instead, I remain sober and silent. Ah, for the daring of a Dane inside me!!