A Martin Luther King He Is Not

The Reverend Jerry Stephenson is a black man living in the state of Kentucky, you know, the state before civil rights legislation made it awful difficult for black skinned folk to cast a ballot. The good reverend is upset at failure of Barack Obama to solve an economic collapse that actually occurred during the administration of former president Bush. According to Mr. Stephenson, “there has to be a change that we can not only believe, but that we can see.” He simply does not see much change in the current administration of Obama and has decided to hitch his wagon to the Tea Party. If he wants change, the choice is excellent. If the Tea Party received power, the reverend would see a lot of change. First, they would abolish the social security program and let seniors figure out their own retirement. It bothers Tea Pee people that the government provides medical assistance to poor folk. The reason people are poor is because they are lazy. Of course Mr. Rand Paul who is running for the Senate would like to end this silly stuff about civil rights and restore the right to Americans to hire who they damn well please. Minimum wage laws, work safety laws are simply to Mr. Paul examples of “big government” telling Mr. Smith what to do.

The reverend told reporters, “I have been persecuted for what I have said. People say that I have lost my mind, that I’m a turncoat.” In all fairness to the preacher man, he is not a turncoat. It would be more honest to term him, an “Uncle Tom” because he would betray not only black people but poor people in the name of “change.”