A Massacre To Come?

There is a war  in Syria, it is not exactly a civil war, it is not exactly a guerrilla war, it is not exactly a political war, but there is a war going on. Thousands of Syrian troops are in the city of Homs and as one government spokesman notes: “the army has started combing the area building by building and house by house. Now the troops are searching every basement and tunnel for arms and terrorists. There remains only a  few pockets of resistance.” Most probably, the government official is telling the truth.

In 1982, the father of President Bashar al-Assad, literally levelled the city of Hama and murdered an estimated 20,000 people. There is a so-called Free Syrian Army but it lacks  weapons to enable any resistance to a modern army. Thousands will die in Syria. Thousands will be wounded. But, where are the thousands of Muslim religious leaders who might demonstrate in support of those awaiting slaughter?

Oh, I forgot, they are in Afghanistan protesting the burning of Korans.