A Message From Strauss-Kahn

This intrepid blogger has been able to uncover a secret letter written by Dominique Strauss-Kahn to his friends on the Left Bank in Paris who are appalled at the attack by Americans on this great French leader.

Friends and Colleagues

I realize the people of France are as shocked as you and I about the latest attempt by Fascist forces in America to destroy the career of a man who was ready to defend the people of our fair nation from the evils of American capitalism. I admit, yes, I admit to having sex with a maid! It was merely a “troussage de domestique” (the ancient tradition of a lord who fooled around with the maid) and I can guarantee one and all that this woman finally in life had sex with a virile man who knew how to make a female gasp with joy! No one died, no one was robbed, no one was damaged in any way other than an experience in good sex– if that is damaging!

I realize there are some women in France who claim I groped them or that I attempted to have sex with them. Alors. what is a man to do when an attractive female comes into their view of sight wearing seductive clothes! Mon Dieu! What could I do but attempt to obtain the joys of heaven with a romp in the bed with a gorgeous female!

My friends, this has nothing to do with sex. My friends, this has to do with me being Jewish! This is simply another effort by anti-semites to persecute we Jews! My friends, this has nothing to do with sex, this is an effort by the American military and business sectors to destroy the career of a potential French leader who will halt their massive efforts at death and destruction!

My friends, the private lives of politicians is closed to public view just as is the private lives of an ordinary citizen of the Republic. Allow me to be crucified by the American media and tomorrow they will come for you. Isn’t that what we learned from the Nazi experience? First they come for Jews, next they come for priests, and finally they come for intellectuals!