A Million Italian Women For Dignity!

Silvio Berlusconi has been the power figure of Italy for over a decade. When one is the richest man in a nation, it is rather easy to establish your image in the minds of people as one who is noble, particularly when your fortune includes a good hunk of Italian media. The past weekend, over a million Italian women marched through the streets of their main cities carrying signs directed at Silvio saying, “Enough, enough.” They are incensed at evidence uncovered by the police of his sex parties with young women, the orgies involving dozens of people, and his refusal to be honest. As one demonstrater, Maria Ventte put it: “We’re here to say that Italian women are not all like Berlusconi’s prostitutes. It is a horrible image.

Silvio does offer a retort to these women in the streets. “I never paid a woman.” Of course, the issue is what constitutes, “paid.?”