A Modern Greek Tragedy

There are unconfirmed reports that Mitt Romney will decline to run for president of the United States and go to Greece in order to restore law and order.  Mitt  believes  austerity is the proper medicine for those who lack a few million dollars to their name. Greece has witnessed soaring unemployment as the government is compelled to impose austerity measures demanded by the European Union. Mitt is among the most fervent supporters of EUROPEAN IDEAS such as austerity and high unemployment.

The people of Greece held an election. No one actually won. The Conservative New Democracy party got 18.5% of the vote and wound up with 100 of 300 parliament seats. Figure that one out. Radical Left Coalition leader Alexis Tsipras  insists  he will not  give aid and support to conservatives until they seek and end to austerity and allow measures  that result in jobs.

Mitt, this is a wonderful opportunity to try your austerity ideas out on people who are not American. The worst that can occur is a minor Greek tragedy and Greeks are not that important in American elections–so what can you lose??