We are very sympathetic to members of the Republican Party who weekly switch from one candidate to another. Mitt was once the favorite of about 28% and is now down to 16% in Iowa. It is apparent that no single human who identifies him or herself as a Republican is worthy of support from a majority of members of the Republican party. The time has arrived for a dramatic change in who will become the Republican party nominee for president of the United States. Here are several proposals to resolve this dilemma:

1. Place the name of Barack Obama on the list of candidates. He will then be asked to appear each week at one of those “debates.” I can guarantee within two months, Barack will decide not to run for president. Imagine spending two months listening to the dribble which passes for discourse among Republican party candidates.

2. Visit a homeless shelter and select someone who appears drunk to appear on the platform with Republican candidates. The good news is the other candidates will come across as buddying Einsteins. The bad news is the drunk will gain the nomination.

3. Select any of those running for president. Have mind implants so the minds of at least three other candidates is now part of that person’s mind. Imagine a candidate who has the intellect and wisdom of Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich all  wrapped into one mind. It boggles the imagination!

4. Send an expedition to Africa and find a fairly intelligent gorilla. His grunts will come across as having more meaning than what is stated on the platform by these bozos.